The chaplaincy service endeavours to meet the spiritual and pastoral needs of patients, staff and visitors alike whether they practise a formal religion or consider themselves to be non-religious.

As the chapel's notice states:

"Welcome to a place for you to breathe, to be still, to pray. It's a space that is open and available to anyone who needs time to be still and reflect"

Main Prayer Room

The prayer room and the adjoining counselling room has been designed to be a place of refuge from the clinical environment where people can gather strength from prayer or being still.  The main prayer room itself can be converted from a Christian chapel to a multi-faith space by drawing screens across the cross.

Adjoining Counselling Room

This room can be used by female Muslim members’ of the hospital community - or visitors - for prayer, when required. There are prayer mats and head coverings available.

This room is used by non-religious members’ of the hospital community for quiet reflection.

This room is also used for counselling.