The Chaplaincy Team at DGT offers spiritual support to patients, relatives and colleagues alike, always guided by the individual’s faith or belief.

The chapel and prayer room is open to all faiths and beliefs and currently particular services are held weekly for those of Christian and Islamic faith traditions.

The Chapel & Prayer Room

These rooms have been designed to be an oasis of calm in a busy hospital environment where all can find refuge for prayer, worship and quiet reflection.

The space is divided by a curtain to give flexibility and allow as many people as possible to use the space when they need to. There are a number of spiritual books available to read and prayer mats for those whose faith requires such items.

There is a partitioned space for those whose faith tradition requires that genders pray in separate areas.

Housekeeping Etiquette

Please respect the space and avoid taking food/hot drinks into the areas and making personal phone calls. Remember; it is an oasis of calm designed for prayer and quiet reflection.

For all queries relating to chaplaincy support and the use of this prayer space, please contact the Lead Chaplain (01322 428100 x4640)