Visiting Guidance from 25th April

Although COVID -19 restrictions across the country have been lifted, inside the hospital we are still following measures to protect our most vulnerable. Alongside other healthcare settings across the country, our advice to the pubic remains unchanged. 

Our current visiting protocol is:

  • All adult inpatients can have a visit from the day of admission (Darent Valley Hospital only)
  • Two named/nominated visitors per patient
  • One daily prebooked visit of two hours
  • These 2 hours can be split into two 1 hour slots, so that both named visitors could visit daily   if they wish (1 hour each), or one named visitor could visit twice (am 1hr/pm 1hr). Alternatively, one named visitor could visit for an extended visiting slot of 2 hours.
  • All visiting must be booked with the ward/department. We recommend calling between 11am - 4pm Monday to Friday.
  • Upon booking, you will be given access code to show to security and staff will complete a symptom checker with you.
  • We ask that you continue to wear a face covering, unless exempt, where we ask that you wear a visor (which is available on request)
  • We encourage you to regularly clean your hands when moving around the hospital and physically distance where possible.
  • Where possible, we encourage you to take a lateral flow test within 24 hours before each visit.
  • Please note, maternity visiting guidance is different to the above. Please click here to view the guidance.


Visiting Leaflets



To reduce contact, where possible we recommend that visitors please consider the number of visits or if you need a face-to-face visit or could use telephone or video ‘Virtual visiting'.

Please note: A pragmatic, flexible approach to visiting will continue to be taken for our most vulnerable patients and their carer.

The greatest protection is vaccination, and we want to urge everyone to keep themselves and their families, friends, our staff and hospital safe by supporting the vaccination programme and get fully vaccinated with 2 doses and a booster. We have seen the value of vaccination and know that in the patients who have received the first and second doses of vaccine the admission rates to hospital are much lower, as is the number of patients who then go one to need intensive care. Find more information about the Vaccine, or where you can get one here: Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination - NHS (

We ask you please continue to support us, your adherence to our recommendations and guidance will really make all the difference. Please note that we are continually reviewing our visiting guidance alongside government advice and local and internal infection rate and visiting guidance may change at short notice.

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