Free WiFi

Free WiFi is available at Darent Valley Hospital. To connect:

  • Select 'NHS Wi-Fi' from the list of available wireless network connections.
  • Once selected, you will be taken to a landing page where you will be prompted to read and accept the NHS Wi-Fi Use Policy.
  • Once terms and conditions accepted you can access NHS Wi-Fi via your device.


Listen to a choice of national and local radio stations - all for free.

Valley Park Radio

Broadcasting on channel 1 to the patients and staff at Darent Valley Hospital. Ffind out more about the radio services, send a request, publicise an event or arrange a PA by contacting Valley Park Radio directly on our 24-hour phone line 01322 428362 or 07958365147. We always welcome new volunteers, whether you have previous experience or not. If you are over 18, enthusiastic and have an interest in radio and voluntary work, why not e-mail the Chairman Dave Lockyer on or visit their website.

Bedside television

WiFiSPARK (formerly hospedia) bedside system gives you access to television channels, internet and email, a personal telephone with answerphone service and radio stations. For more information please visit the WiFiSPARK website.


From the bedside to any UK landline (01, 02 and 03 to landlines are free) for other charges (including the charge for friends and family to telephone your bedside).  

Internet and email

Surf the net or send and receive emails - included in the television package.