We have a reminder service that lets you know via text message when your next appointment is due.  This quick and easy service helps us to remind you of your forthcoming appointment, which in turn assists us in the reduction of missed appointments. 

Questions and answers

How can I register or cancel reminder service?

Registering for an appointment reminder or cancelling by using the form below. 

Can I receive an appointment reminder via post?

No, we are no longer able to provide this service.

Will anyone else get hold of my mobile number?
No, all mobile numbers are contained within a secure site and we will not pass them on to a third party.

Will the text messages be private?
We will not send any detailed information by text. You can tell us if you don't want us to text you.

Can I reply by text if I can't make my appointment?
Not yet, but we hope to be able to offer this service in the future. There will be a number in the text to call if you need to cancel or change your appointment, or if you require any further information.

Will I have to pay for the text?
No, unless you are out of the UK, in which case your mobile provider may charge you to receive the text.

Does the hospital have to pay to send texts?

No it is free to us to be able to send reminder text messages.  The service is funded by the Department of Health.

When can I expect the text message?

Those that choose to receive messages will get a reminder at least 7 days before their appointment and again 48 hours before their appointment.

Why 7 days before the appointment and two messages?

The idea is that this should allow patients enough time to let us know if they are unable to keep the appointment. If they phone up and cancel, we are then able to offer the appointment to another patient. The reminder at 48 hours is intended to try to keep missed appointments to a minimum.

What do I do if I change my mobile number?

All you need to do is notify us of the change via the online form as above.

Can I opt out of this service at any time?

Yes, patients have a choice to opt out and if they choose to do so, we update their records so that their number is excluded from the process. This does not remove their number from the system, so we are still able to contact them. If you wish to opt out please complete the online form above

What if I receive a message but I am not expecting an appointment?

Phone the number quoted in the message to check that you have not received the reminder in error.

Please note that a mobile number used by multiple users or by more than one family member could lead to confusion as the text message includes an NHS number rather than a name.

Please complete the form below if you wish to receive an appointment reminder via your mobile telephone.  We are not able to send reminders via the postal service.

SMS Reminder Service Request Form

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