Yes. If you normally receive Communion, this can continue in hospital either in the Chapel or on the ward.

Absolutely not. Whether you practise a faith or not, the chaplaincy team are here to listen to you and your needs and support you in whatever way we can. We are not here to tell you what to believe or impose religion upon you.

Whether or not you believe in God has nothing to do with whether you might need support. We are interested in you as a whole person, not simply in what you believe. We will happily listen to you if that is what you want.

You are welcome to use the Chapel/Multi Faith prayer room on Level 1 (downstairs). It also has an adjacent quiet room for your use.

When you enter the CMFPR, you will see a mosaic tiled box, to the left of the Cross, in the corner. This indicates the direction of Mecca. See the picture below.

Mosaic tiled box showing direction of Mecca

Of course they can care for you if you so wish.

No, not unless something you tell us will put you or another person in danger.

Yes. If you would like us to we can support you while you talk to your family and  help you express anything that you might be finding difficult to explain.

Yes, if you ask us to. We can pray with you or for you and will read scriptures with or to you if that is what you would like us to do.

If you have any particular dietary requirements, either on medical, religious or cultural grounds, these can all be met by the hospital. You will be asked all about your requirements when you are admitted to hospital.

If you are concerned about your relative not being able to eat without help, you should mention this to the medical staff first of all.  If you remain concerned, you can always talk to a member of the chaplaincy team and we can raise any worries you might have with a member of staff.

Yes. If you would like someone from the chaplaincy team to visit them, you should contact the chaplaincy on 01322 428100 ext. 4640.