This is a treatment of one or more of your furred coronary arteries. Your Cardiologist will have discussed the benefit and risk of this procedure. Similar to the Coronary Angiography procedure, this is also done in the Cardiac Catheter Laboratory, usually done through the wrist or sometimes the groin and involves a tiny balloon and stent scaffold to open up your artery. No general anaesthetic is involved, but you may request light anti-anxiety medication. If you have any pain or discomfort in your chest, you must let the operator know.

Occasionally after Coronary Angiography, if your coronaries have borderline/doubtful disease or needs further assessment of your existing stent, your Cardiologist may have to use special techniques in the form of a Pressure-Wire study or a coronary Ultrasound picture study. Your Cardiologist will explain the procedure to you and this will help him in the decision making process. We aim to keep you informed of the outcome immediately after any procedure is carried out.  

The procedure is expected to take about 45 mins to an hour and you will then spend the day on our Recovery ward for monitoring. You are advised to bring in an overnight bag in case your Cardiologist recommends an overnight stay for further observation. If you are discharged the same day, please ensure you have someone to drive you back home and stay with you for the night of the procedure.