This is a study of your coronary arteries and is performed in a sterile environment in the Cardiac Catheter Laboratory under X-ray control and is located in the Heart Centre. The merits of this procedure will be explained to you when it is requested and you will have a further opportunity of discussing the same with a Specialist Nurse at your pre-assessment. Please bring a recent prescription of your medications and keep the Nurse aware if you are on blood thinning tablets as these may have to be briefly stopped before the procedure.

The day-case procedure is performed by a Cardiologist supported by a team comprising a radiographer, cardiac nurses and a cardiac Physiologist and is usually done through the wrist and sometimes the groin. No general anaesthetic is involved, but you may request light anti-anxiety medication. Although the procedure itself takes about 20 mins, please expect to spend the day in the Recovery ward and you may wish to bring in a book, newspaper or a hobby pursuit. Presently, a drink and light refreshments are served after the procedure. You will know the outcome of the test and plans immediately after the procedure and formal copies of the report and discharge summary will be given to you. You must ensure you have someone to drive you back home and stay with you for the night of the procedure.