Congratulations to our STAR award winners:

DSC_0084.JPGCongratulations to Ben Lewis (left), the latest winner of a Gold Star Award!

Lee Barnes has nominated Ben for displaying bravery and courage during an incident that occurred on-site in the rear car park.

Well done, Ben!

DSC_0082.JPGCongratulations to Dr Burhan Khan (right), who was nominated for a Silver Star Award by a patient! The patient said:

"Today we had an outpatient appointment and visit,  with Dr  B Khan.  After years of visiting the hospital, we finally felt that we were with a caring doctor, who did give himself the time, to talk to his patients, explain in detail all the possibilities of treatment available, organising detailed information to his patient, going through a fantastic  sensitive way of explanation… And organizing future appointments, in relation to the findings from the past.. Comparing  scans from 2015, and recent one.. explaining and showing  all possible ways of dealing with my wife’s case.. In short, a dedicated doctor, caring for the patient, putting the patient at ease, without giving false hopes…  Letting us assist to hear his  findings, and actions planned, dictated in his dictaphone..      All together, a fantastic doctors appointment, where the patient is cared for and be brought at ease, even if the results would be negative.  If all doctors would be like that, the NHS relation between patients and doctors would be an improvement of  thousand percent..  The doctor was also very positive about his dedicated nurses, and even did give us the phone number of the Macmillan Lung CNS staff, for us to be able to ring, whenever we needed, and made us very comfortable…  For that reason, I would like to report this very positive visit to you, and even  ask you to hand over a copy of this mail to him.. His attitude deserves to be  applauded, and brought to the attention of the Hospital.. I thank him, as where I walked in his study, I never thought that such a human treatment existed..     Please bring this mail over, to whoever is in charge,  and please make sure dr Kahn receives a copy.. I thank him from my heart.."

Well done Dr Khan!

Donna Underhill.jpgCongratulations to Donna Underhill, who is the latest winner of a Gold Star Award! Donna was nominated by her neighbour, who said:

"My neighbour Donna Underhill works on Mulberry Ward as a ward host and she goes above and beyond to esnure that the patients get the best care and treatment they could possibly get, she is very hard working, and as well as working on Mulberry Ward, she has recently gone above and beyond over the last few weeks for our lovely neighbour, who was brought into your hospital after suffering a heart attack. She's visited him everyday after her shift, regularly checking in on him, she's visited him during her breaks making sure he is OK and checking whether he needed anything, she's taken him up toiletries, food, cards, she brought him some books to sit and read. He is an elderly man and has recently lost his wife. He lives on his own and doesn't have much contact with his family as they don't live near. Without Donna, he would have been all by himself, and he would be going through his treatment alone. Donna has kept him going whilst he has been in hospital and given him a purpose to keep going and keep positive. Her compassion and her empathy know no bounds. She's also recently lost her husband Paul, but she is showing a true fighting spirit and we are all immensely proud of her and would be very grateful if you could acknowledge her for this incredible act of kindness. Myself, my neighbours, my family and Donna's Daughter are immensely proud to have someone like Donna and we think she is a truly incredible inspirational woman."

Well done Donna!

Karen Crouch.jpegCongratulations to Karen Crouch, the latest winner of a Gold Star Award! Karen was nominated by Jackie O'Brien, who said:

"One particular member of the clerical team has managed to stand out even amongst her stellar colleagues. Her name is Karen Crouch and she is the CT Clerical lead and is responsible for maintaining the CT diaries for both DVH and QMH. She is also regularly seconded to book Nuclear Medicine, DEXA and Fluoroscopy examinations. We were recently tasked with booking all CT scan appointments for cancer patients within 3-4 days. We also experienced a surge in referrals for Virtual Colonoscopy (VCT) examinations that resulted in us having a waiting list for the first time since pre-COVID days. With her eye for detail, focus on providing a patient-centred service and exceptional organisational skills, she is booking cancer patients within 3-4 days (unless the patient chooses not to accept), we are doing extra VCT scans both here and QMH and, thanks to her Herculean efforts, we are meeting virtually all the service demands of our many referrers - urgent, routine and future appointments. She will contact patients by phone to ensure they will attend those examinations that have specific, sometimes complex preparation. She will take into account a patient's age, location, relevant medical history (if provided by referrer) and always try to provide an appointment date and time that best meets the patient's circumstances, not just their clinical needs. She is kind, empathetic, well-informed and conscientious. She takes pride in a job well done. I cannot emphasise enough the contribution Karen makes in supporting the CT Dept to meet the demands of all Trust clinicians. By improving the organisation of the CT diaries, she has advanced and progressed the CT service we offer which ultimately leads to a better patient-experience of the CT Department, Radiology and the Trust."

Well done Karen!

Shelley Yong Star AwardCongratulations to Shelley Yong, the latest winner of a Silver Star Award! Shelley was nominated by Lynn McSorley, who said:

"I would like to nominate Shelly (2nd in from left) for a star award as she personifies the Trust values. I have seen Shelly in several roles and regardless of what she is asked to do she does it with enthusiasm and professionalism and always to the best of her ability. She gives 100% to any task / project she takes on and can be relied on the finish the job to a very high standard. She is always striving to excel in any role she holds. She has recently been appointed as the children's hospital at home team lead and as with all roles she has, she has excelled. The service is going from strength to strength and this is not in any small way a result of Shelley's dedication and hard work. In developing this service she has saved many bed days on the inpatient ward which has been a massive help during the recent surge in activity. She is always supportive of the team and the directorate and updates the directorate with developments. With regards to being professional Shelley looks and conducts herself in a highly professional manner and is responsible and accountable for the success and work of her team. She is responsive and very aware of any issues that arise and escalates at the first opportunity. She is also approachable and willing to listen to ideas and suggestions or advice. If it were possible to clone Shelly the NHS would be in fine shape."

Well done Shelley!

Medical Staffing Team

Congratulations to the Medical Staffing team, who were nominated for a Bronze Star Award! The team were nominated by Sarah James-Whatman, who said:

"I would like to nominate the members of the Medical Staffing team for a Star award. The team have faced significant challenges over the last few months including covering vacancies, unplanned absence, a service review and expansion of their remit. In the face of these challenges the team have come together to deliver priorities, have made improvements to working practices, quality and our Drs experience. The team have achieved this by working together with colleagues across teams and Divisions, caring for one another our colleagues, our new trainee and substantive Drs and striving to excel for our Medical stakeholders.

In the midst of all of the pressure the team have made time to reflect, asses performance, actively participate in projects, have welcomed a new member to the team. and began to set out their vision and standards for the future of our services. They are the epitome of all of our Trust values.

Unsolicited feedback from colleagues includes 'they are lovely', boxes of chocolates have arrived and our new starters describe the support they received as 'outstanding.'"

Well done team!

Ken Bailey star awardCongratulations to Ken Bailey (middle), the latest winner of a Silver Star Award! Ken was nominated by, Kayleigh Stevens, Kate Earth and the NHS Monitoring Team, who said:

"I would like to nominate Ken for a star award given most recent compliments from my NHS colleagues which are detailed below. Compliment from NHS Monitoring Team: ‘When we are carrying out monitoring audits throughout the hospital we often see Ken undertaking his portering duties. Ken has an infectious personality, we see him interacting with visitors, patients and colleagues always with a smile and a positive attitude. Sometimes greeting people with a song. The song ‘Happy’ (Pharrell Williams) could have been written with Ken in mind. Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth (Because I’m happy) Clap along if you know what happiness is to you (Because I’m happy) Ken epitomises the Trust’s values and makes those who encounter him feel uplifted.’

Compliment from Kate Earth, Associate Director of CQI.

‘I wanted to let you know that I met a member of the stores team called Ken this morning. Not only was Ken so passionate about his job, he went over and above to help me with a stranded patient, who was unable to find a Portering chair for 30mins. Please let me know how I can help get a shout out to Ken for his exemplary service.’

I myself echo these compliments, Ken always goes above and beyond his call of duty, weather its taking five minutes to help move an item some is struggling with, directing a lost visitor or cheering up a colleague/patient/visitor with a tune or simply a smile and good morning, you certainly know when Ken is around and cannot help but smile. These little acts of kindness really boost the morale of anyone he meets."

Well done Ken!