Welcome to DGT Continuous Quality Improvement

Driving improvement and innovation is an integral part of our trust strategy.  

Providing the best possible care for the people we look after is our top priority at Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust, and we are always looking for opportunities to improve the way we work and the care our patients receive. Our Continuous Quality Improvement approach brings not only brings our teams together, but has the ambition to work with you as the person experiencing our services..

It is about making change happen.

Why we are special?

Continuous Quality Improvement at DGT is about people – not just tools. It is about how we build a culture that goes beyond the walls of our buildings that represents our values and what important to the people who live here and use our services. The method we use to do this brings together the best parts of what the research tells us are be best systems in the world. This forms a single approach to improvement, which is our unique take on a nationally recognised model.

What are we doing?

  • We are providing training for all staff so that they have the knowledge and skills to use in practice, and we are also working on partnering with our patients so that they can be part of the improvement work right from the start.

  • We are also supporting our teams through coaching, so that they have the support they need in their very busy environments.

  • We call our team members ‘catalysts’, because their role is to ignite energy and be the vital resource to make change happen in a continuous way.

What does it mean to our community?

As a member of our community, this means that the care you experience will be continuously improving, and that you are an active partner in making this happen. It is about us coming to you to hear what matters most to you.

Ask CQI Team?

Email us: dgn-tr.cqiacademy@nhs.net