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Pets As Therapy

Pets as therapy

Pets as Therapy Image
As part of our volunteer service we have several "Pets as Therapy" PAT dogs who visit the hospital. This is a wonderful programme where registered PAT dogs visit our patients to say hello.  Research has suggested that introducing a companion animal into a hospital setting can result in patients feeling more at ease, communicative and more motivated to engage, which we have found to be true.

One of our volunteers is Lilly, she is a very sweet rescue dog and although she is a pedigree Cavalier King Charles Spaniel she has suffered several health issues herself related to close breeding.  She has endured several operations and is now paralysed down one side of her face, however she is still a happy dog who enjoys life and just loves people.

Lilly's owner Paula has said "I have always known of the 'calming' affect that pets can have on people, especially children and ever since I have had Lilly, people always want to stop and stroke her (walks can take ages because of this!). There has also been a lot of medically based research that has proved that interaction with animals and pets can actually aid in a person’s recovery and rehabilitation from illness and injury. 

If you are interested in becoming a PAT volunteer please contact the Pets as Therapy organisation, their website is: https://www.petsastherapy.org/.