Willow Ward is the inpatient paediatric ward at Darent Valley Hospital. The ward has 22 beds and admits children from the age of 0-16yrs; occasionally up to 18 years of age. Children are admitted to Willow ward with a wide range of medical, surgical and orthopaedic complaints. Children are admitted in various ways including: Accident and Emergency Department; direct from home (via the Community Children’s Nursing Team); via outpatients or via GP referral.

Willow Ward is staffed by a team of dedicated children’s nurses who are supported by health care assistants; a team of play specialists, an outreach hospital teacher and clerical staff. The ward has a wide range of facilities to care for children of all ages including adolescent facilities and the ball pool, children’s garden, play room and a computer den.

Visiting / staying

We encourage parents to participate in their child’s care wherever possible and we provide facilities for one parent or carer to stay overnight. The ward has a wide range of facilities for parents to stay by the bedside with their child during their stay in the hospital and separate facilities for parents to enable them to have some time out. These include a sitting room and kitchen. 

Other visitors may visit during open hours but please allow the doctors to do their rounds and those children who are well enough, to go to school.