What is the Surgical Admissions Lounge (SAL)?

The Surgical Admissions Lounge is an area where patients are prepared for elective or emergency surgery. The unit also caters for patients who have undergone day care like procedures and prepares them for discharge home.

Admission Information

What to bring:

  • Please bring with you a small bag which can be fastened
  • All medications including injections in their original boxes/containers
  • Dressing gown and slippers
  • Denture pot/glasses care if appropriate 
  • Cpap machine if required (patients with sleep apnoea)

Please DO NOT bring:

  • Valuables
  • Large sums of money – the hospital does not accept responsibility for any valuables/property

Please remove:

  • All jewellery
  • False nails 
  • Nail varnish 
  • Make-up

Ensure you follow fasting instructions you have been given. Ask just one friend or relative to accompany you as the unit is very busy and space is limited (it is not suitable for young children or babies).

Please be aware that although you may have arrived early – the order of the theatre lists are decided according to surgical and nursing needs. We cannot predict how long you will have wait and this could be several hours. Please be patient - SAL staff will keep you informed regarding your theatre journey as much as possible.

Remember to pack some reading material or something to occupy you. 

We ask relatives/friends to contact Surgical Admissions Lounge approximately 4 hours after the patient has been taken to theatre. This will allow us to inform them of what clinical area or ward their relative/friend has been allocated to.