By having your private treatment in a Hospital within the NHS you can rest assured that there is a full range of general and specialist medical services on site 24 hours a day. There is always a doctor who can see you immediately in an emergency. You will have access to any additional care which you might need, including a complete range of diagnostic facilities. You can access treatment at a time that is convenient to you.

You will be operated on by your Consultant personally, who will also supervise your post-operative care during your inpatient stay.  

It is recommended that you identify your desire for private treatment during your NHS appointment with your GP, who will then refer you to an appropriate Consultant at the Hospital, who can arrange a private consultation.

Once the consultant has agreed a planned admission for your treatment, your details will be passed to the Private Patients Office, who will contact you directly to confirm the admission arrangements. Some procedures will require you to have a pre-operative assessment, which will be arranged at least 7 days before your admission.

We endeavour to provide overnight in-patients with a side room, but unfortunately due to the clinical needs of the ward we are unable to guarantee this.

We are recognised by all the major private health insurance companies and have arrangements with them that allow us to send our invoices directly to them. Some polices have limits/restrictions and therefore we would strongly advise patients to contact their insurance company to obtain pre-authorisation for their admission prior to confirming arrangements. Please note patients will be liable for any costs not covered by the insurers.

We do accept self-funding patients and can offer ‘Fixed-Price’ packages for some procedures. For those procedures not covered by a fixed price the Private Patients Manager can provide an estimate of likely costs. The estimate given will include all Hospital Charges, Consultant Fees and Anaesthetist Fees (where applicable) unless otherwise stated.

Please note payment will need to be received in full prior to admission.

Patients receiving NHS treatment are able to book and pay for an amenity room on the ward depending on availability and the clinical needs of the ward. The cost of an amenity room is £63 a night and this can be booked through the Private Patients Manager.

Unfortunately due to Darent Valley Hospital being an Acute Hospital, there may be times that we have to cancel a procedure due to theatre and/or Bed capacity. The decision to cancel a procedure is not made lightly and everything is done to prevent this happening.