• Are you involved in doing audits or writing guidelines or protocols and need to find the evidence to support them?
  • Need to find some information about a clinical or non-clinical topic?
  • Are you studying for professional development?

If you don’t have the time to search, or not sure where and how to search Library staff can carry out literature searches for you on any healthcare related topic.

When requesting searches please give as much information/detail as possible so that we are able to search as accurately as possible for you. 

Alternatively you can get free access to e-learning modules on how to search literature effectively.  These modules take you through some easy to follow step by step guides. There are 7 modules available by following the link below.


The Trust now has a Clinical Librarian working within the Library, if you would be interested in finding out how our Clinical Librarian can help you in your department then please contact us for more information.

Online library information request form

Searches can be requested via phone, email, personal visit or by completing the form below:


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