The Poplar Unit is part of the Surgical Specialities directorate at Darent Valley are cares for urology patients.

The Trust has a complement of urology consultants who, with their knowledge, expertise and professionalism, are able to care and treat patients presenting with urological problems here at Darent Valley Hospital. The consultants are supported by a team of doctors and nurses who, between them, have a wealth of urological knowledge and are instrumental in innovative technology advances within medical care. 

We are able to offer a wide range of urological procedures and we provide a stone service which takes patients from surrounding districts. We have our own lithotripter and lasers for patients with kidney stones.

We have a short stay prostate operations and now have the Greenlight laser system for prostates. We are also able to offer cryotherapy for patients with kidney and prostate tumours.

This skill mix provides the Urology Department at Darent Valley Hospital with dedicated care and treatment for urology patients. The recent innovative endoscopic procedures allow the patient to receive less intrusive surgery and a speedier recovery time. Urology procedures are carried out in both day care and within the in-patient setting.

We are able to offer Trans Urethural Rescection of Prostate (TURP) procedures within our day care setting, thus reducing the length of time patients are in a hospital environment allowing patients to have the least amount of disruption to their social and family commitments.

Nurse specialists

The Trust has dedicated specialist nurses who run nurse led clinics for urological problems and follow up. They also offer specialist catheter advice and support.

To contact one of the nurses telephone: