Dementia Team Overview

Dementia Team for inpatients

We are not a diagnostic service, but can offer information about how dementia is diagnosed in the community. We offer care planning for people living with dementia while they are in hospital, and support for people who are experiencing increased distress or complex needs.

We promote John’s Campaign, which allows carers to stay with their family member during their hospital stay. We can also offer advice and support to family and carers.

We work closely with ward nurses and doctors as well as with other specialist teams and can offer guidance in supporting people with delirium or confusion who are distressed.

How do you use this service If your relative, or person you care for has a diagnosis of dementia, the ward staff can contact the dementia team to support you.

Our Team

Dementia Specialist Nurse

The Dementia and Delirium Nurse Specialist has responsibility for receiving referrals from ward teams across the Trust for patients who have confusion.

The Dementia Specialist Nurse is experienced in nursing patients with acute and long term confusion and is able to advise, support and provide assessment and care planning recommendations to ward teams. The nurse is also able to work with patients when they are confused and aggressive to help with de-escalation of behavioural symptoms of Dementia.

The role also involves education and teaching for Trust staff in Dementia & Delirium.

Dementia Buddy Co-ordinator

The Dementia Buddy Co-ordinator recruits and provides training to our Dementia Buddy Volunteers in Person-Centred care and how best to support patients with dementia. The Co-ordinator also provides ongoing support to volunteers with shadowing until confident and regular visits throughout their volunteering career, along with producing a regular volunteers newsletter & survey.

Additionally the Co-ordinator supports the Trust Dementia Education programme providing training in person-centred care to the ward teams.

Dementia/Delirium Administrator & Carer Support

Provides administrative support to all aspects of the Dementia Team activity ensuring the smooth running of this inpatient service.

Administers the Carer & Patient surveys (providing impartial support to complete where needed) to collect feedback about services and care provided to inpatients with dementia & cognitive impairment.

Publishes the Carers Voice Newsletter to share with teams the feedback received to enable teams to reflect on practice & inform improvement initiatives.

Can provide information, literature & signposting on a wide range of community dementia services for the surrounding areas including neighbouring counties.