Pine Chemotherapy Therapy Unit

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic our Chemotherapy Services (Pine Therapy Unit) has moved to Avery Hill Ward, at Queen Mary's Hospital, Sidcup.  Details on visiting Queen Mary's Hospital can be found HERE (parking is free). 

If you are booking your own patient transport please ensure that you state Outpatients at Queen Mary’s Main Hospital, not Cancer Centre as this relates to the Guys Cancer Centre based at Queen Mary’s.

Queen Marys Hospital is not an acute hospital; this means they do not provide emergency care.  They also do not treat COVID patients, so there is less risk to you as a patient receiving your treatment.

The Chemotherapy Suite at Darent Valley Hospital has a dedicated facility called the Pine Therapy Unit.  The suite has sixteen treatment chairs for chemotherapy and supportive care, three day beds, and a complementary therapy room. It also has two gardens where patients and family can relax in comfortable surroundings. 

The demand for chemotherapy and supportive care treatments for cancer patients and those with long term conditions has been increasing year on year. Many patients still attend for treatment years after their initial diagnosis.