1. ae-when-you-arrive.jpgRegistration
    You will be asked to book in at reception and provide your contact and GP details.
  2. Streaming
    You may first see a senior nurse when you arrive who may send you to a more appropriate service if the ED is not the best place for your treatment. If your GP sent you to the ED with a letter, please give this to the nurse.
  3. Nurse assessment
    An Emergency Nurse Practitioner will then assess you and decide which area of the ED you need to be seen by.
  4. Investigations
    If you require any investigations or tests these may be carried out while you are waiting. You will then be asked to wait in an area to be seen by a doctor/practitioner.
  5. Treatment
    You will be sent to one of the treatment areas. Not everyone is treated by the same doctors or nurses. Your treatment depends on your condition

Children's A&E

There is a separate team of children's nurses and doctors (for children under 16) within the Emergency Department. Go straight to the separate children's waiting and treatment area. 

Please remember that waiting times can differ between treatment areas and specialists, so other people may be called more quickly than you

Prescription charges

Unless you are exempt from prescription charges, the current NHS prescription charge will apply per item for any medicines prescribed for you in ED.