Equality, diversity and human rights is an important part of our everyday lives, as citizens, employees, service users and providers. The Equality and Diversity lead provides staff at all levels with advice, guidance and tools to embed equality, diversity and human rights into their roles.  It is therefore necessary for staff to understand the agenda and how to make it part and parcel of your role without it feeling an add on and something extra that you are required to do.

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“I am passionate about the provision of high quality, accessible and inclusive healthcare to all of our service users regardless of who they are, where they have come from, or what their beliefs are.

I am equally passionate in my belief that all employees have the core right to the same happiness and safety at work, the same career progression opportunities and the same respect and inclusion within the workplace.

I am an openly gay doctor, parent and local service user. I have been part of the senior clinical team at Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust for over 10 years. I have first-hand experience of the difficulties, inequalities and prejudices that staff and service users who identify as LGBTQ can face. It is perhaps this experience that drives by commitment  to creating an NHS that is inclusive to all and for all. 

I am proud to be part of our Organisational journey to create a safe and welcoming environment with diversity and inclusion at the heart of everything it does."

Guy (Pronouns he/him)

Consultant Physician and Gastroenterologist

Clinical Safety Officer (CSO)

EDI LGBTQ+  Lead Representative




"My name is Karen Youens and have been a midwife for many years, working in various ways to ensure service provision is accessible and affable for all.

Why gender equality? I feel, as many health professionals, driven and motivated to address the inequalities in health and social care.

My current role is Women’s Experience Lead for DGT Maternity Services and believe the voices of all parents must be heard regarding their maternity experience and truly listened to. We must strive to ensure this happens.

Gender equality is globally the most common form of inequality and remains a major obstacle to the eradication of poverty. We specifically focus on gender equality as a means to significantly reduce inequalities and empower people to improve their lives."

Karen Youens

Midwife Womens Experience Lead

EDI Gender Lead Representative

Race and Equality


"I am passionate about creating a platform for equal rights for all regardless of race or ethnicity.

The role of lead for Race and Equality will give me an ideal opportunity to initiate change, a working environment which fully exemplifies and support equality and diversity for our patients and workforce.

It is so important to promote an atmosphere of education and understanding as well as creating open forum where our staff and patients are able to step forward and speak up about issues that affect their functionality and access to care based on their race in our Trust.

I believe that, at DGT, we can be leaders within the NHS that can create an environment where staff and patients feel able to express themselves fully, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexuality or age. I am happy to be part of that change and transformation."

Kalene Sheppard

Deputy Divisional Director of Operations (Womens & Children, Radiology Directorate)

EDI Race and Equality Lead Representative


"As a Senior Midwifery Expert for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at DVH, I have been instrumental in setting up Maternity Equality Diversity Inclusion (MEDI) Focus Group that consists of the Maternity Voice Partnership Chair, Midwives, Obstetric Consultants and Maternity Support Workers. Under my leadership, MEDI have developed a designated Facebook page targeting BAME women, their partners and families, which highlights the importance of seeking help, when needed and advice on  taking the required amount of vitamin D.

I became a BAME Champion for Maternity because I am passionate about addressing health inequalities as highlighted by MBRRACE within maternity services. Evidence suggests that the communities most affected by the pandemic are those from BAME backgrounds. In the UK, the BAME communities make up 14% of the total population, yet disproportionately account for around a third of those affected by Covid-19.

As of June 2020, 64% of healthcare workers who have died of Covid-19 were from BAME backgrounds, while 20% of NHS staff identify as BAME.

Taking into consideration the above, I decided it was time for me as an Ethnic Minority Midwife to take positive steps to work with the Trust to improve the experiences of Ethnic Minority women and staff and reduce the possible disparities in maternity care."

Trish Mugwangi
Professional Midwifery Advocate
Senior Midwifery Expert for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

EDI Race and Equality Lead Representative



"Being profoundly deaf, and with this also being classed as a hidden disability in which is also very isolating, I understand what it is like and the awareness and understanding it takes for things people take for granted on a daily basis.

I am aware of disabilities, and very understanding when it comes to what people with them want, inclusion and understanding, to be seen and heard.  Not to be treated differently or given special treatment, but awareness and understanding."

David Blackwell

Clinical Engineering Technical Manager

EDI Disability Lead Representative

Inclusion Ambassadors

These Ambassadors will sit on interview panels to ensure an unbiased and fair interview process and will also, where possible, take part in the shortlisting. 

They will play an equal part on the panel with their own questions to ask and work with the panel to agree the best candidate to select. 

If you would like an ambassador to assist with your recruitment process, please email dgn-tr.inclusionambassador@nhs.net


Hui Yi Lee
My name is Hui, and I am the lead pharmacist for EPMA. Coming from an Asian background with Chinese ethnicity, I value the importance of diversity and inclusion. Being an inclusion ambassador allows me to take an active role in addressing the issue of the underrepresentation of BAME candidates across our recruitment activities. 


Madvi Bhugalee 

My name is Madvi and being part of the Medical Staffing Team, I  already sit in junior doctors interview panels and this experience has equipped me with the confidence and required tools to put myself forward to be an inclusion ambassador to help the Trust to achieve its goal of promoting and practicing a culture of inclusiveness and diversity. I am proud to be part of the project where we are all working towards making DVH the place of work where each and every employee is equally treated and valued regardless of their gender, ethnicity, religion, race etc.



Bili Badmus

I am an advocate for equality and diversity as well as an experienced representative in expressing the concerns of others. I am passionate about promoting an inclusive work environment and pioneering the use of effective communication. 


Charlotte Kamundi 
I am a BSc in Interprofessional Health and Social Care (Acute Care). I am currently working as a Clinical Trials/Research Nurse. My background is acute and critical care nursing.



Trish Mugwangi

I am a Senior Midwifery Expert for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at DVH, who set up Maternity Equality Diversity Inclusion (MEDI) Focus Group. I am also a BAME Champion for Maternity because I am passionate about addressing health inequalities as highlighted by MBRRACE within maternity services.


Eugenia Aguila
My name is Eugenia Aguila. I am a Clinical Site Manager with two decades of experience in Nursing in an acute medical setting. I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Nursing in the Philippines. I'm passionate about helping others, serving as an inspiration and role model to our community especially BAME staff to aspire and achieve their best and full potential whilst upholding a high standard of care and observing our Trust Values and be an inspirational leader.


Imelda Tadiaman

I have been with DGT for over 20 years. I strongly believe in equality, diversity, inclusion and that everyone should be treated as a potential leader and anyone can become extraordinary if well supported.


Bengisu Bassoy

I am a consultant Paediatrician and lead for paediatric respiratory service. I have been working at DVH just over 2 years.