This is the term used when a women gives birth vaginally having had a caesarean  section in the past. The increasing caesarean rate is causing widespread public and professional concern (RCOG 2007). At Dartford & Gravesham Trust we strive to promote normal birth.  We believe that all women should be provided with the correct information to make informed decisions regarding their birth options.  A specialist VBAC service has been developed by midwives to help support women in their individual choices for pregnancy and birth. 

All women who have delivered by caesarean section in a previous pregnancy will have their 16 week appointment in the Birth Options clinic.  This will consist of a routine antenatal appointment but is also a chance to discuss previous deliveries and explore options for birth in this pregnancy. 

An enhanced programme of care has been developed to provide a one to one appointment and a group session from specialist midwives and obstetric doctors.