As long as you and your baby are well it is advisable to stay at home for as long as you feel able, as you will relax more easily in your home environment.

When your contractions become regular and strong it is advisable to telephone the delivery suite to discuss what is happening. You should also telephone if you experience bleeding, if your waters break or if you have any worries. When talking to the midwife, explain if you wish to use the homely birthing suite for your labour and birth.

Labour is a very individual process and can be different for each person and for each pregnancy.   There are some signs however which will tell you labour may be starting shortly.

  • A show – a discharge of mucus which may be blood stained.
  • Membrane rupture – the breaking of the sac of water surrounding your baby. This may be a large gush of water but may also be a trickle.
  • Backache, regular, contractions commence.

There are also some signs which mean we would definitely like you to come into hospital to get checked over.

  • If the show is heavily blood stained, or there is any bleeding from your vagina that you are worried about
  • When the waters break.
  • If you have not had you usual pattern of fetal movements in the last 24 hours and have had less than 10 movements during this time.
  • When the contractions are regular, painful and at least five minutes apart or if you feel you need help with coping with them.