Coronavirus COVID-19 Information 

Update on Maternity Covid restrictions – 17th May 2021

We are pleased and excited to announce we are now able to facilitate a partner to accompany all baby scans, antenatal appointments and community antenatal appointments, without the need for a lateral flow test. Birth partners are now able to stay overnight, and children of the mother will be able to visit if accompanied by the birth partner. 

Early Pregnancy Unit: Our Early Pregnancy Unit is also allowing accompanying partners for both emergency appointments and routine rescans.  Due to very limited waiting room space and the requirement to maintain social distancing measures, we may ask partners to wait outside the department (for example in their car) and they be called by telephone when the woman is about to be seen so that they can accompany her.

Labour: Women can have one partner/birth partner with them when in labour, being induced or having an elective Caesarean section. However, no swapping of birth partners is permitted. Your designated partner can remain with you throughout labour.

Please continue to adhere to our social distancing policy and you will still be required to wear a mask at all times whilst in the hospital.

If you have any questions please feel free to speak to your community midwife or email us using the Covid email address below. We will endeavour to answer all of your queries within 3-5 working days.

Thank you for your continued understanding and support during this time.

Maternity Advice: Our non-urgent advice enquiry email can answer concerns relating to pregnancy and COVID-19. We will respond to your email within 5 working days. 

If your concern is urgent please contact the Maternity Assessment Unit (MAU) using the following number: 01322 428280 or 01322 428278

For general advice concerning pregnancy, labour etc. please continue to call either

Maternity Assessment Unit on: 01322 428280 or 01322 428278

Birth Centre on: 01322 428100 ext. 4925

Thank you for all of your continued support during this difficult time.