“Reflection & Resolution” – Maternity Debriefing service

What is debriefing?

Some birthing experiences may leave women feeling traumatized, distressed or anxious. The actual birth experience may have been very different from the experience that was expected, which can be very difficult to deal with. These feelings and experiences can predispose to postnatal depression and which may lead onto post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Here at Darent Valley hospital, we can offer a debriefing service whereby skilled midwives can discuss your birth experience and any planned future pregnancies and birth.

What does debriefing achieve?

Debriefing can enable women to:

  • Discuss their birthing experience, and their feelings around this.
  • To understand what happened to them and why in order to receive validation and resolve self-blame
  • Have the opportunity to express any negative feelings such as anger, frustration, or pain.
  • Discuss any positive aspects of their experience and also discuss implications for future pregnancy and birth.

How to access the service:

Referrals may be made by hospital midwifery staff, community midwives or you can self-refer using the form below.

Once you have been referred, the maternity secretary, will contact you to make an appointment with one of the special debriefing team

At the meeting a member of the Debriefing Team will discuss your birth experience with you and will also have access to your birth notes.

Following this appointment, should you require further support the Debriefing Team will refer you to the appropriate person.

Debriefing appointments

We can offer a face to face appointment, telephone consultation or virtual appointment using a trusted online meeting service. We will discuss these options with you during our initial call following your referral.