An ultrasound scan is an examination using a special device which is sensitive to sound waves. A special jelly-like substance is put on your skin to allow the sound waves to be easily recorded and displayed on screen.

We know how important it is for our women to have their partners/birth partners with them at their scan appointments.

During the Pandemic it has been essential to maintain service provision for our patients. The restriction of access allowed us to preserve these time critical services and we have been as flexible as possible with supporting women to have their partners with them where possible across the maternity care pathway. We have kept the restrictions under review throughout the pandemic and kept abreast of national guidance.

At present, our greatest challenge is space not only in our ward areas but also our outpatient service areas. Delivering care to the same number of women, in the same available space whilst maintaining the 2 metre safe distancing recommendations has been a challenge.

However, after careful restructure of our rooms and appointment system from Monday 12th October a partner or birth partner can attend the 20 week anomaly ultrasound appointment at Darent Valley Hospital and Queen Mary's Hospital. Face coverings must be worn at all times (except for those where exemptions apply).

Women and their partners can come straight to the ultrasound department and wait in the waiting room. If the waiting room exceeds the number of people allowed we will ask you to wait in a designated area in the corridor.

Unfortunately, children and additional relatives cannot attend with you and therefore we ask that you make the necessary childcare arrangements ahead of your appointment.