The Health and Wellness Service (prev Occupational Health) has gained accreditation for NHS Plus. The focus on Health at Work has real benefits for the organisation and the workforce. In the field of Health and Wellness there are a number of policies and initiatives that actively promote the health and well being of staff.

We also provide:

  • Season Flu - run a yearly campaign aimed at our staff, encouraging as many as possible to take up the offer of the seasonal flu vaccine to help reduce the impact of flu on ourpatients and colleagues. 
  • Pre-employment screening, statutory medicals, such as those for asbestos and ionising radiation, post employment checks for staff, and regular health checks for groups of workers who are exposed to particular hazards. Immunity checks and vaccinations are given when employees need to be protected against infectious diseases whilst at work.
  • Advice can be given to ensure that individuals with disabilities or health problems are not inappropriately placed in their work. We also advise on sickness absence.
  • Health education and advice - The department has policies covering, amongst other things, display screen equipment, eye and eye-sight testing and has produced a number of health education and advice leaflets for staff covering such things as preventing sharps injuries, exercise, coronary artery disease, and latex glove allergy. 
  • Smoking Cessation Support - A part of the Health at Work agenda is targeted at staff that wish to give up smoking. Subsidised nicotine replacement patches are available through the hospital pharmacy, together with support from a smoking cessation co-coordinator. 
  • Staff Counselling Service  - A formal counselling scheme is available to all our employees. The Trust uses the services of Care First. 
  • Fast Track Access to Services - This system allows staff, with the appropriate local GP (or Health and Wellness) referral, to undergo investigation or treatment as a priority wherever possible. Decisions regarding priority for the ‘fast tracking’ of staff will be made by consultant staff and will ultimately be based on clinical priorities.
  • Lifestyle Programme - The Health and Wellness Lifestyle Programme is aimed at changing lifestyle for staff. It will involve exercise, eating healthier food, drinking more water, reducing health risks (high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, coronary heart disease etc) and usually results in weight loss. 

By continuing to be pro-active, the department will continue to develop its services to support staff and safeguard their health, safety and welfare at work.


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