Our staff tell us they are proud to work here and we’re proud of them for everything they do for patients and each other, every day of the year.  

Our success isn’t simply based on our new buildings and technology, vital though they are. It’s the pride of staff who bring our services to life.

Creating a hospital where patients choose to come and where staff want to work is important and that is why we value our staff so highly. 

Improving Working Lives Standard

The Improving Working Lives Standard was launched in October 2000 and, as well as creating a well managed, flexible working environment that supports staff, it promotes their welfare and development. It also provides a productive balance between work and life outside work.

At Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust we recognises that the enormous agenda designed to modernise the NHS, to improve the patient experience, and achieve the NHS Plan targets can only be achieved through our staff.

The Trust also understands that staff will always respond best to the challenges of achieving change and meeting targets when they believe they work for an organisation that involves them and demonstrates it is trying to be a good employer.

Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust are committed to the Improving Working Lives agenda, which is wholly designed to ensure that our employment policies, and our determination to involve staff and listen to them, is in line with the concept of an NHS model employer.