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StaffBank (HealthRoster)
Nurse and Patient

StaffBank (HealthRoster)

How do I register with StaffBank?

If you are substantive staff member click HERE or if you would like to join StaffBank please visit our current vacancies on the on NHS jobs website.

How do I contact the StaffBank office?

Telephone: 4908 or 01322 428521 or 01322 428913

Email: dgn-tr.staffbankproject@nhs.net

The office will be located on the 3rd floor, Admin corridor behind Surgical Admissions Lounge in the current NHSP office.

Pay rates

Pay rates are in line with Agenda for Change pay structures for the assignment undertaken. An ‘assignment’ means the individual shift during which you are engaged by the Trust to undertake work. Leave accrued, at a rate of 12% of hours worked during an assignment. This is normally paid at the end of the assignment. 

If your timesheet is correctly finalised by the ward manager by midnight/00:00 hours on Wednesday, payment will be credited to your bank account on Friday of the following week.

Frequently asked questions

Some frequently asked questions for staff.

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  • To request Bank shifts if you are a Manager AND not on HealthRoster