We offer all our staff life-long learning opportunities so they can keep their skills up to date.

Training and development is an integral part of working for Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust to ensure we continually provide excellent patient care and treatment.

We are proud of our commitment to the education, training and learning opportunities we offer to our employees.  We see education, training and learning as an essential tool to improving care and organisational effectiveness.

When you any need help and support with any individual learning requirements or local training needs, the members of the various training teams will be happy to assist you with your professional development

There are five main streams of Education within the Trust:

  • Staff Development (facilitating a range of internal and external opportunities for all staff). Telephone:
  • Medical Education (specifically designed to meet the needs of medical staff)
  • Nurse Education (specifically designed to meet the needs of nursing staff)
    • Maria Kelly - Medical Devices Co-ordinator ext. 8253
    • Lisa Tritton - Clinical Skills Tutor ext. 4350
    • Denise Aspland - Senior Nurse ext. 8878
  • Clinical Systems Development (offering training on key Trust systems and Microsoft programmes)
  • Staff Library (open to all staff)

The Trust is committed to continuing professional development and life long learning for all staff. You will be appraised annually against the NHS Knowledge Skills Framework, and agree a personal development plan with your manager.