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Work Experience
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Work experience

We offer work experience placements at Darent Valley Hospital.  We are now able to offer limited placements at Queen Mary's Sidcup. Work experience is unpaid and we are unable to offer expenses.  

For work experience placements, please consider which of the following options most closely fits your needs and follow the instructions on how to express an interest. We will not be able to consider applications where you do not fit the criteria or do not follow the correct procedure. Work experience placements are, in the first instance available to students within the local area. All dates must be cleared with school/college before applying as once booked cannot be rearranged to suit school hours.  Once placement has begun we are unable to move you to different departments.           

Placements available

16 years and over applicants

  • Survey patients in the ward to find out what leads to a positive experience

  • Analysis of existing data, such as surveys

  • Update communications materials such as leaflets or noticeboards & distributing information to new patients

  • Reverse mentoring; to help senior colleagues with social media

  • General housekeeping;  tea making, making beds, general tidying

  • Helping patient orientation in the ward

  • Shadowing a nurse or healthcare assistant as they take and record a patient’s blood pressure, temperature and heart rate and completing fluid charts under direct supervision

  • Observing routine procedures, investigations or minor surgical procedures

  • Assisting with meals, preparing over tables, cutting food, encouraging  the patient to eat/drink and patient feeding

  • Making deliveries to other departments or collections

  • Talking to or escorting patients

  • Attending team meetings

Contact details

Work Experience

Placement Facilitator
Darent Valley Hospital
Darenth Wood Road
Kent  DA2 8DA


Due to the high volume of applications please do not send emails or telephone for updates. 

17 years and over applicants

  • Clinical placements (A&E, General Surgery) in a shadowing capacity are only available to students who are 17 years or over.

  • Physiotherapy only accept students who wish to train at university and need the experience for their application (proof maybe required). Placement within the Physiotherapy environment will give students an insight into General Medicine, Trauma Orthopaedics, Stroke and MSK. Only 8 students will be offered a one day placement in either April or August (this may be subject to change). To find out more and to apply please visit the Physiotherapy section of this website.
  • Occupational Therapy offer placements for students applying to university - to find out more and to apply please visit the Occupational Therapy section of this website.
  • Nutrition and Dietetics offer placements for students applying to university - to find out more and to apply please visit the Nutrition and Dietetics section of this website.

18 years and over applicants

  • The Radiology Department accept students on a one day placement to assist with their university application.
  • The Microbiology Departments only accept students to assist with a university application. 
  • The Pathology Laboratory only accept graduate students for a minimum of three months. Applications will go directly to the Microbiology Manager. 

If you are interested in a work experience placement please complete all questions on the online application form remembering to attach your CV and strong supporting statement stating why you would like the placement. Please do not complete this form if you are looking for a placement in Occupational Therapy, the Pathology Laboratory or to shadow a Consultant. 

Another option is volunteeringhelping to provide valuable support to patients and staff. This involves non-clinical care and other tasks, and is another way of getting an idea of what it is like to work in the health and social care sector.

Note: The following weeks are full, no further applications being accepted: 17th February, 29th June & 13th July 2020.

  • Applications for work experience at Darent Valley Hospital will only be accepted via the online form. Please complete all sections of the form, area of interest is any department you would wish to be placed within the hospital except above where you are advised to apply direct (always give at least one area of interest). Once submitted the form is sent direct to the Work Experience Placement Facilitator.  We are unable to accommodate students below the age of 16 at date of placement.

  • Placements are for one week, Monday-Friday and are one placement, per student, per year due to the volume of applicants.

  • Maternity, Pharmacy and Haemotology Departments do not accept placement.

  • All Paediatric placements run from Tuesday to Thursday only in Paediatric outpatients based in the Children's Resource Centre. There will be no access to wards for work experience students. 

Contact details when requesting Clinical Placement with Consultants

To request to shadow a consultant, only 2 consultant can be emailed in your preferred specialty, any applicant that emails more than two consultants, will not be considered.



Secretary’s email address

Sanjeev Madaan

Urology consultant



Dr H. Srikogan

Endocrinology consultant




Dr P. Manghat


Consultant chemical Pathology




Dr A Rastegar


Consultant A&E




Y. El-miedany






Aminy Raouf






Jacek Adamek


General Surgery




Mr Watson


General Surgery



Mr Bhardwaj


General Surgery




Mohsen El-sayeda






Abhishek Gupta






Abdul Hasib






Peter Kabunga







Savio d'souza





Ian Dickinson


Urology consultant



Selwyn D'costa


paediatric consultant




Mr Nastro


General Surgery




Dr Aminy Raouf






Dr Burhan Khan






Dr Majid Mushtaq


Respiratory Physician




Dr Sudhiv lohani


Respiratory Physician




Dr Rekha Bhalla


Respiratory Physician




Mr Vincent Kika




Mr S Kuma