VISS – Vague and Indeterminate Signs and Symptoms Clinic

Our mission: To detect cancer early in order to improve outcomes.

DSC_0134.JPGWho we are

You may have been referred to us if there are tests results or present symptoms that concern you and your GP but cannot find an obvious cause and may be due to an underlying malignancy. Given that 50% of patients with cancer in UK general practice do not present with the red flags required for referral to a site-specific suspected cancer pathway, there is a real need for a Vague and Indeterminate Symptoms Service.

Our role is to confirm or rule out cancer ideally within 28 days; more frequently, we diagnose non-cancerous conditions and provide advice and guidance and where needed refer onto specialities or back to your Gp to support you.

If we detect or suspect cancer, we refer you on to the site specific tumour sites to continue treatment. The plan is that we diagnose and arrange treatment timely if we feel you may have a cancer, as early diagnosis supports better outcomes for patients.

We are a rapid access pathway – so you would normally see the team within 2 weeks.

We hold a clinic on a Wednesday afternoon in our outpatient’s department.

Generally, we will offer a consultation at your first appointment with our Consultant Dr Urruela and CNS Carrie Barton.

Previously to the clinic appointment we may have asked your GP to do some bloods or have requested a scan. This is in order to be more efficient.

If during the appointment, we feel that other examinations need to take place you would be contacted by the department and most investigations will be carried out within two weeks of the appointment.

When will I know my results?

We will either invite you back to clinic for a second consultation to discuss your outcome or give you a call to let you know.

If you are concerned or worried we are here to support you and are happy to be called with any questions you may have. You will find we are easily available  Monday to Friday, from 9-5 p.m.  on 01322428295 E-mail : so please contact us if you need too.