The gynaecology outpatient clinic is located on level 2 in the west wing of the hospital.  The clinic provides a comprehensive range of services for women including:

  • Managing menstrual disorders, pelvic prolapses, infertility and hormone replacement. Within the clinic there are sub-specialities:
    • Urogynaecology - which offers a range of investigations and management of female urinary incontinence.
    • Colposcopy - offering investigations and treatments for women with abnormal smears.
    • Gynaecology oncology (rapid access clinic) these clinics offer investigations and treatment to women suspected to have a gynaecological cancer.
    • Infertility - offering a wide range of investigation for both femal and male for their infertility.
    • Urodynamics - an investigations on the bladder to test for stress incontinence, urgency etc.

The gynaecology clinic currently has 8 consultants, many with a special interest.  At your appointment you may be seen by a consultant or a doctor in training, who will refer to a consultant if advice is needed.

The clinic also has clinical nurse specialists who run their own clinics in colposocpy, urodynamics, infertility and a Macmillan Gynae-Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist is available for the rapid access clinics.

Gynaecology outpatients telephone number: 01322 428189

Read more in our Patient Information Leaflets.