The ‘Birth Centre’ is located on Aspen Ward Level 3. Here on the Birth Centre, midwives care for women during labour and postnatally, in a small friendly peaceful environment.

We have a triage room, 3 delivery rooms, one with a plumbed in birthing pool. We also have facilities to use an inflatable pool in one of the other rooms. We have a 4 bedded postnatal bay where you will be transferred to following delivery prior to transfer home. Most women choose to stay between 6 - 12 hours following the birth of their baby. There are facilities for your partner to stay with you.

We offer an individualised approach for women with uncomplicated pregnancies, giving women the opportunity to labour and give birth as they wish. We encourage women to use upright positions in labour. We have birthing balls, stools and couches to assist this. As well as waterbirths, we support hynobirthing and other natural methods of pain relief. Research has shown that women who choose to labour in a low risk area away from delivery suite require less analgesia in labour and are more likely to achieve a normal birth.

Women benefit from constant caring support in labour. Frequent interruptions disturb the calm environment. For this reason we encourage you to bring only 1 or 2 supportive companions.

If any problems do occur during your labour you would be transferred to the alongside Delivery Suite.

Suitability to have your baby in ‘The Birth Centre’ should be discussed with your midwife at 36 weeks. Some women will not be suitable to give birth in this environment because of concerns with them or their baby in their pregnancy.

If you wish to discuss your suitability with a midwife working in ‘The Birth Centre’ you can make an appointment for the ‘Birth Choices’ Clinic which is held every Monday from 14:00 by telephoning 01322 428100 Extn 4925 .

We encourage you to stay at home as long as possible in early labour, being in hospital too early can result in unnecessary interventions. If you attend ‘The Birth Centre’ in early labour we will check everything is all right with you and your baby and send you home to familiar surroundings to await established labour.

Welcome to our birth centre - video