Endometriosis clinic and advanced endometriosis surgery

The Trust introduced a new specialist service for women with severe endometriosis at Darent Valley Hospital in early 2018. The aim of the service was to support the many women suffering from endometriosis and reduce their need to travel to a tertiary specialist centre for treatment. The service lead is Mr Elias Kovoor, who is a specialist in advanced endometriosis. Dartford and Gravesham became an accredited Endometriosis Centre in January 2019 and had successfully operated on more than 60 patients by the end of 2020.

  • Gynaecologist and Lead Consultant: Mr Elias Kovoor   
  • Subspecialty trainee: Ms Jody Taylor         
  • Gynaecology secretary: Ms Chantelle Penney
  • Colorectal surgeons: Mr Jacek Adamek and Mr Piero Nastro
  • Urology surgeons: Prof Seshadri Sri Prasad and Prof Sanjeev Madaan
  • Pain management specialist: Dr Madhusudhan Mali

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