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Psychiatry Liaison Services

Psychiatry Liaison Service

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The Dartford Liaison Psychiatry Team is a dedicated team of registered Mental Health Nurses and Consultant Psychiatrist who provide mental health liaison assessments, support and advice at Darent Valley Hospital.

What is liaison psychiatry? 

The Dartford Liaison Psychiatry Service is provided by Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust. The on-site team provides mental health support to patients attending the Emergency Department (ED) or when admitted as an inpatient to one of the wards at Darent Valley Hospital.

The team work very closely with Darent Valley Hospital staff to allow patients’ mental health to be treated alongside any physical health problems. We are working together to ensure patients experiencing mental ill health are treated appropriately whilst under the care of the hospital.

Contact the Liaison Service via the switchboard: 01322 428100

What can we help with?

  • Patients with medical conditions that result in psychiatric or behavioral symptoms, such as delirium.
  • Supporting the management of patients with mental disorders who have been admitted for the treatment of medical problems.
  • Patients who may report physical symptoms as a result of a mental disorder, or patients with medically unexplained physical symptoms.
  • Patients who may not have a psychiatric disorder but are experiencing distress related to their medical problems.
  • Patients who have attempted suicide or self-harm.
  • Assisting with the diagnosis, treatment and functional assessment of people with dementia, including advice on discharge planning or the need for long-term care.
  • Patients whom have been transferred from a psychiatric hospital into the general hospital for physical reasons

How to refer to liaison psychiatry?

Any Health or Medical professional at Darent Valley Hospital can refer a patient to the Dartford Liaison Psychiatry Team for a Mental Health assessment or advice/support via pager. Contact details are displayed in the Emergency Department and on the wards.