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Fetal Movement Matters

Movement matters

In the UK, around 4,000 babies are stillborn every year. 


There are a number of underlying medical issues that can cause a stillbirth, such as lack of oxygen, restricted blood flow/growth or an infection but they all have one thing in common: the baby’s first reaction is often to conserve energy by slowing down. Two out of three mothers who had a stillbirth reported that they had noticed a slowing down in movements previous to the birth. Reduced fetal movement can be an impending warning of fetal death.


The Tommy’s campaign, which we support along with NHS England and Kicks Count, seeks to:

  • Raise awareness amongst pregnant women of the importance of monitoring the movement of the unborn baby.
  • empower women to report reduced movements.
  • Raise awareness of the importance of detecting and reporting reduced fetal movement amongst all pregnant women.
  • Challenge certain prevalent thinking that creates a barrier to women reporting reduced fetal movement

    o   Baby movements slow down in the third trimester due to lack of space.

    o   A certain amount of kicks is fine.

    o   I can get help tomorrow.

    o   I don’t want to bother the hospital.

    o   I can’t be checked at the weekend or outside 9-5.

    o   I can use a home doppler for reassurance.

If your baby's movement reduced please contact your midwife / the hospital immediately.