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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Maternity Services

Frequently asked questions

Where do I park?

The hospital have several public car parks and you pay via the machines located in the hospital grounds once you have left the hospital, please remember to take your ticket with you. If you are in an urgent hurry, you can park your car temporarily outside the hospital but your car must be moved as soon as possible.

Can I use my mobile phone?

Yes. There is also a 'patient line' bedside phone service. We request that mobile phone calls are limited in respect of your neighbours and that you turn off/down your ring tone to prevent disturbances. 

Can I book the pool?

No one can book the pool as you only use the pool once in established labour. You can mention when coming in that you would like to use it but if you feel very strongly that you want a pool, you may need to think about hiring one for home.

Can I have my baby at Darent Valley Hospital even if I do not live in the area?

Yes. You now have a choice of where you would like to give birth to your baby. If you would like to have your baby at Darent Valley Hospital then simply complete our online self referral form.   

Do you hold tours?

Unfortunately no we do not hold tours.

Will there be students?

The unit is a teaching hospital and will have student midwives. We also support medical students. You can request not to have a student looking after you.

What do I bring in?

Please look at the ‘preparing for labour’ pages. 

Can my partner stay? 

Yes, partners can stay 24 hours.

Can I book a private room on the postnatal ward?

The maternity unit do not have the facilities to provide amenity rooms. If a private room is needed for clinical reasons during your stay this will be discussed with your midwife.

What are the visiting times?

Please refer to our visiting times page.

How quickly can I go home following the birth of my baby?

If the delivery was normal and all is well, mum and baby could go home within six hours of giving birth. Generally, ladies who have a caesarean will go home within 18 hours or after a few days depending on how well they are.   

How do I make a compliment or complaint?

We will do all we can to make sure that your stay in hospital is comfortable. If you have a compliments or concern about your own or another patient’s care, please ask to speak to the senior sister on duty or one of our maternity managers who will try to sort the situation out as quickly as possible. Please raise any concerns as they happen rather than wait until you leave the hospital.