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After Your Baby is Born
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After your baby is born

Congratulations! We will make sure that you are both well and comfortable. If there is anything you need which we haven’t thought of, then please ask.


Please read our Newborn Baby Information Booklet which offers lots of information on your stay at Darent Valley Hospital.

Checking in case stitches are needed

If you need stitches, we will offer to stitch you as soon as possible. It is better for your healing. Afterwards we will provide your well deserved tea and toast!

Checking your baby

Most babies will feed during the first hour or so following your birth. During this time, a midwife will check your baby top to toe while s/he is in skin to skin contact with you. This precious time is best uninterrupted by a shower, which you can take later. Babies love the closeness of this early skin to skin contact which can be continued for as long as you wish.

Your on-going care

After giving birth, you can decide whether you are feeling up to going home after about 6 hours or so, or want to stay with us for longer. Your on-going care will be arranged with you, for example:

  • If you have had you baby at home, your midwife will ensure that you have contact numbers for calling a midwife should you need one urgently. She will otherwise plan to visit you the next day.
  • If you have had a normal birth on the birth centre or delivery suite, you may choose to go home shortly after the birth, such as 6-10 hours. We support and encourage this choice.
  • If you have had any problems during the birth or have had an epidural, spinal anaesthetic or a Caesarean section, we will encourage you to stay.  If you are staying you will be transferred to the postnatal ward.


Please ask for any help you need during your stay. All our staff are trained to help to look after you and to assist you to feed your baby. We want you to have a happy stay and benefit from your time with us.


We do ask that you keep your luggage to a minimum – there is limited space to store large suitcases

Postnatal care

We will provide you with the opportunity to see a midwife following your birth either at home or in a clinic. Presently, in parts of the city, we are establishing a postnatal clinic service. We will discuss this with you before you leave the hospital.

Home visit

You will be seen by a midwife between 10am and 4pm.

What care will be provided?

Whether you have your care in the clinic or at home your local team of midwives will provide postnatal care for you for a minimum of ten days after the birth. You will not usually receive care every day but usually you will have a minimum of three contacts with us. Sometimes care is provided for up until six weeks after the birth.


The community team will:

  • Weigh and carry out routine screening tests on your baby with your informed consent
  • Check both you and your baby remain healthy
  • Explain various choices to promote good health for both you and your baby
  • Offer family planning advice
  • Discuss the prevention of cot death.
  • Plus answer any questions or queries you may have.