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Trust Board Sample Patients meals

Trust Board Sample Patients Meals

Today Trust Board members were invited to sample our patient’s food in a tasting session laid on by Chris Cheel, Catering Manager and his team from Serco. Chief Executive Louise Ashley, Chairman Peter Coles and fellow board members sampled both the lunch and dinner menu on offer to our patients, they also sampled some modified textured meals. Modified texture meals are provided to patients with chewing and swallowing difficulties. The lunch / dinner menu included choices of sausage in onion gravy, cauliflower cheese, fish pie, stewed steak with dumplings or cheese and onion pasty along with an assortment of vegetables.

On the 1st April 2019 our patient menus were updated following some patient feedback. The new menus revisited texture, taste, colour, presentation and choice options resulting in some spicy dishes being removed and more jacket potatoes meals been included.

Louise Ashley said “food is crucial and a very important part of our patient’s recovery, the food served today looked good and tasted delicious. I also sampled the textured meals which were surprisingly good. I feel very reassured that our patients are getting healthy, balanced and tasty meals”.

Peter Coles, said “it is great to see and taste what our patients are being served daily, I sampled many of the different dishes and found the homemade soup to be particularly delicious”.

Some interesting facts:

  •  One of the most popular items served at Darent Valley Hospital is the homemade soup, more than 300 portions are made and served daily onsite! 
  •  The Trust has seen an increase in the demand for vegan meals, over the last 2 years we have seen an increase of 3%. 
  •  On the 22nd July a new child-friendly menu is being introduced on Willow Ward. It will still have some of the adult choices however there will also be additions of fish fingers, jackets potatoes, salads etc.
  •  Patients on our elderly care wards are served a slightly softer menu than on other wards.
  • The Trust operates a 2 week menu cycle and copies are available on every ward.
  • Every ward has a Ward Catering Folder which contains information on meals available including special menus for kosher, halal, vegan etc. Patient are welcome to see the menus.