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Patient Engagement & Experience, What Matters?

Patient Engagement & Experience, What Matters?


As part of our Trust’s commitment to developing true partnership in improving the experience of our services, a workshop event was held on Friday 29th March to initiate an innovative approach to patient and public experience and engagement (PPEE). 


The workshop was the first step in the Trust’s aim to co-design a strategy that will take patient and public experience towards co-production and collaboration in improving the experience for those who use our services. 


It looked at both how the Trust operates currently and the initiatives that will be needed to achieve a truly collaborative partnership with patients, their families/carers and the public.


The workshop explored how patients feedback to the Trust; how many engage; what they said and what we have changed as a result. Over the last 6 months the Trust has reach over 564,925 people on Facebook; tweeted 433 times and in 2018 had 7928 Friends and Family Test responses.  The Trust has also maintained our 4.5 (max 5) star rating on the nhs,uk website and have responded to every review posted.


Going forward the Trust will reflect on what good patient experience and engagement looks like and establish  a Patient Experience Forum to deliver on its objectives.

The aim is to look at what matters to someone and not what is the matter with someone.