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Pain Free at Last

Pain Free at Last


After 11 years of pain Elizabeth Somerville, aged 26 from Manchester is pain free thanks to Professor Sriprasad.

Elizabeth, a Palliative Care Nurse suffers from Fowler Syndrome and also has chronic pain which means she has been unable to work for the last year. Elizabeth has been visiting her consultant in Manchester regularly and despite different treatments remained in pain. Her consultant recommended that she see Professor Sriprasad at Darent Valley Hospital (DVH), as despite the distance from Manchester to Dartford he felt Professor Sriprasad was Elizabeth’s best chance of becoming pain free and returning to work.

At DVH, we now have an established Chronic Kidney Pain Centre with the help of our pain consultants Dr Mali, Dr Kuravinakop and Dr Usmani and the pain team. The chronic kidney patients are initially assessed and a kidney nerve block is first given. Typically there is benefit for 10 to 12 weeks and the pain returns. To this group of patients laparoscopic ‘key hole’ surgery is done and the kidney is freed of pain carrying nerves.

In January 2019, Elizabeth travelled from Manchester for a consultation. The pain team in DVH gave her a nerve block and she had a very good response for the procedure. The pain recurred after 6 weeks and Prof Sriprasad performed the ‘Key hole’ procedure of laparoscopic denervation on her right kidney.

Elizabeth had her operation on Monday 3rd June and she is ecstatic with the results, so much so she can’t stop smiling!

Elizabeth said “From the moment I met Professor Sriprasad I felt in safe hands and for the first time in 11 years I felt that somebody understood my condition and could help me. It was definitely worth travelling all the way from Manchester, and I am now only 3 days post op and I’m pain free. I hope to return to the career I love, nursing which I have missed so much during the last year.

Thank you Professor Sriprasad and all of the wonderful staff at Darent Valley Hospital, you are amazing”