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Hannah Rose Chummun, Nursing Student time in ED

Hannah Rose Chummun Nursing Student

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Hannah Rose Chummun, a second year Children's Nursing student from the University of Greenwich has just two weeks left of her placement within our Children's A&E Department. Read what she has to say about her time in A&E, how she found her placement, the staff and the little ones she treated at Darent Valley Hospital. 

“When I first realised my upcoming placement would be in Children’s A&E I was pretty nervous. I was worried I would feel out of my depth and in the deep end although I knew that my compassion, dedication and enthusiasm to learn new skills as a student Children’s nurse would pull me through.

I am now coming to my last week of my placement at Children’s A&E and I can honestly say I have loved every single minute.

I have learnt, I have flourished, I have felt all the emotions and I have felt so privileged to be part of this amazing multi- disciplinary team. From being a big part of the multi-disciplinary team In emergency resus situations to providing wound care for burns and scalds the learning opportunities have been endless and paramount to my role.

The pressure and stress of working in A&E is so incredibly high and all the dedicated nurses, care assistants and doctors work tirelessly and are constantly adapting to the ever changing environment to provide the most best quality of care for every single child.

12.5 hour shifts can be so Tiring but oh so worth it! Providing high quality family- centred care is the utmost important to ensure that children who are coming into the A&E department are dealt with efficiently and appropriately. The team here go above and beyond! 

There can be very very long waits in A&E and as many people know our #NHS can be stretched! The A&E department works by priority of illnesses. Some children that come into A&E may need emergency care including life support. The nurses and staff here work incredibly hard to plan, prepare and deliver that care. While we are focused on delivering the utmost best care to these very sick children, we appreciate other families patience who are waiting for their child to be seen by a nurse or doctor who may be dealing with life threatening circumstances at that time.

From day one I have felt so welcomed and supported by the children’s A&E team.

My mentors Becky, Tina and Lisa have gone out of their way to provide great learning opportunities that have helped me to flourish in working with children in A&E.
Every student will understand the need to get skills and practices signed in a practice assessment document which allows us to continue to take our next steps in our children’s nursing degree. Becky, Lisa and Tina have taken part responsibility in supporting me to get my skills signed. They have been great mentors and have all been fantastic, skillful nurses who I have learnt hugely from. For me, one of the best qualities of a children’s nurse is Compassion and the nurses, care assistants and doctors take it to the highest.

Thank you to a lovely children’s A&E team for doing an amazing job! You are a credit to DVH hospital. I am excited to be going into my final year in a couple of months. I am so sad to be leaving the children’s A&E team for now, but wherever my last year as a student Children’s nurse and my career takes me I know that the skills and knowledge I have gained have been invaluable!"

We wish Hannah the very best of luck in her final year and hope she will be joining us when she qualifies.