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Equality and Diversity

Equality and Diverity


The first meeting of the Equality Diversity and Inclusion Committee was held on 24 April 2019 in the Lecture Hall.

An open invitation was extended to all Trust Staff and there were 38 members in attendance from across the organisation.

Attendees were welcomed and the purpose of the group was shared by the Committee Chair, Peter Coles. Peter stated that the intention was to establish a new sub-committee of the Trust Board which celebrates diversity, equality and inclusion within the Trust and also challenges and acts on areas that require improvement adding that the meeting was the first stage of the process.

The Director of HR, Louise Lester delivered an informative presentation which established what a protected characteristic is, where the Trust receives data from, what that data shows and what actions are being taken to respond. This was followed by a short presentation by the Director of Nursing and Quality, Siobhan Callanan, who spoke about the need to ensure that the patient is included in the committees agenda and that it is essential our staff reflect the diverse health system they work within.

Louse Ashely CEO then implemented a world café and divided the members into 3 smaller groups, asking each group and its facilitator to consider one question before rotating round the room to ensure they had considered the views of the other members provided their thoughts and feedback on each of the three questions which had been posed.

•What are the things we do well as an organisation with respect to Equality Diversity and Inclusion?

•What are the key areas that you think we need to work on?

•Who should be members of the committee and how can we engage a bigger staff/patients groups group?

There was lively discussion and positive engagement in the discussions. The small groups were then brought back together and the ideas summarised and shared with everyone. The full feedback collected during the session will be brought back and reviewed by the Executive Team with themes being collated and shared at the next meeting.

It was concluded that following the review of themes, a further group session with an external facilitator may help to formally shape the role and responsibilities of the committee.

Peter Coles thanked everyone for attending and for their positive contribution, emphasising the importance of the Committees establishment to the Trust Board and the opportunity to shape such an important agenda.