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Dr Zaheer STAR Award Winner

Dr Zaheer STAR Award Winner

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Congratulations to Dr Baber Zaheer, Anaesthetic Consultant at Darent Valley Hospital on winning a STAR Award. Dr Zaheer was nominated by no less than 12 of his colleagues! His certificate was presented by Dr Steve Fenlon, Medical Director.

Dr Zaheers nominators said: "This STAR nomination is for a colleague who is a genuinely caring, patient and supportive person. He regularly goes above and beyond what would be expected of him in his official capacity- always having time for everyone, but expects nothing back.

This is rare in the NHS; at a time where we are all under pressure to give more, deliver better results, with reducing resources.

His hard work and consistent support are not recompensed nor recognised. If you need specific examples of his roles for the nomination:

As consultant anaesthetist, he is a fantastic teacher- very responsive to trainee needs, tailored to the individual. Observing his normal practice, he has clearly considered reasons for every decision he makes. He treats his patients with dignity and respect.

He gives feedback at the end of every session- sometimes it is positive, but the negative constructive criticism is where he excels in sensitively delivering important learning outcomes with consideration of the trainee’s self esteem. He teaches in a way that makes it easy and enjoyable for trainees to learn, and is a great role model.

As the rota coordinator (which is a thankless task), he manages to consider all trainees’, and will try to accommodate as much as possible, whilst always remaining open to discussion and requests. It is really hard to do this well, but he manages to coordinate the rota for the entire department efficiently, effectively and thoughtfully (and there are a lot of anaesthetists!).

As a person, he is kind, considerate and generous. The sort of person who may have only brought two apples for lunch, but will offer you one. Unsurprisingly, he makes a kind and considerate colleague, and is a real credit to the department and trust.

“He has been the most flexible and accommodating rota coordinator I have ever worked with. He understands trainee requirements very well”. Traineers have said:

  • “Always helpful and approachable”
  • “Helpful in skilfully organising the rota, supportive with our audit work”
  • “Approachable, supportive and understanding. As a rota coordinator he always does his best to accommodate the needs of his trainees”
  • “He has been so supportive, and helpful- when I have really needed it”
  • “Baber is extremely approachable, helpful and will try his best to facilitate leave requests and educational opportunities. He shows a high level of concern for trainees’ wellbeing and is a pleasure to work with”
  • “He has been great and supportive with my exam, and given me good advice”
  • “He is very approachable and willing to make the rota for trainees, especially during exam periods”
  • “Baber plays a huge role in keeping all of theatres running smoothly by organising the rota, but still manages to make the time to teach and support trainees”
  • “Very friendly and supportive senior. Goes out of his way to ensure juniors are supported and if they have any needs. Available and approachable 24/7”
  • “Dr Zaheer has been beyond supportive within the anaesthetic department. He has always gone beyond what is required to ensure that all trainees are able to fulfil their training requirements”