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Maternity Safety Strategy and CNST

Maternity Safety Strategy and CNST


We are pleased to announce that our Trust have successfully submitted the required evidence and compliance by the external assessor for its Maternity Safety Strategy and Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts (CNST). It is another good example of how our maternity services team truly ‘striving for excellence’ in ensuring safety and consistently delivering high standards of care for new mothers and their babies.

The Maternity Safety Strategy Action and CNST Incentive Scheme wasintroduced by NHS Resolution in January 2018. This scheme sets out the Department of Health’s ambition to reward Trusts who take action to improve maternity safety, and evidence this compliance against 10 action points. However, more importantly families will benefit from our high standards of quality care. This scheme aims to combine these themes and improve maternity care for the future.

Deborah McAllion, Head of Midwifery said “By improving the quality of care to women in terms of safe care, safe staffing and highly trained professionals the risk to women in childbirth can be reduced. When women have difficulties in their pregnancy, reporting and learning from these events can also support care for the future.”