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Chronic Pain Group

Chronic Pain Group


Chronic Pain affects millions of people in the UK. It is often an invisible condition which dominates the lives of those suffering from it. The Chronic Pain Team hold education sessions for our patients over nine weeks. The team teach the patients about coping strategies and ways to manage their pain. Such as mindfulness and pacing.

Patients are referred to the group by the Chronic Pain Consultants’.

The groups are run by Karen Kinnear our Occupational Therapist, Colleen Josland our Physiotherapist and Alison Neale our Clinical Nurse Specialist. The photographs are of the final day for this group, who are all taking part in some gentle exercise. Dr Kuravinakop, Chronic Pain Consultant attended the group as well.

The Chronic Pain groups are run three times a year, from next year they will be held at Queen Marys hospital. We currently have a waiting list through to 2020.