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Mouth Care Matters

Mouth Care Matters for Our Patients

Mouth Care Matters Image

Recently Sarah Haslam, Mouth Care Matters Lead Nurse gave a talk at the Modernisation and Innovation Bubble (MIB) highlighting the Mouth Care Matters Project.

Oral health is important for everyone but is particularly important to our patients. Poor oral hygiene can lead to patients refusing to eat and drink which can lead to them becoming more unwell and extending their stay in hospital. Sarah has developed a simple training programme at the hospital which only takes 15 minutes on the wards and is of great benefit to all of our patients.

The objectives of the Mouth Care Matter project is to raise awareness of how crucial good mouth care is. It is important for staff to notice if any mouth problems arise, such as ulcers, dryness of the mouth, possible cancers, as well as knowing what to do if a problem is found. It is also important to know which medications can affect the mouth environment.

Sarah offers advice and support on the wards, as well as an easy to use mouth care booklet. Sarah has produced an assessment tool which is simple to use and displays pictures of common mouth problems patients may experience. During the MIB Sarah carried out a live assessment on a staff member in the audience to show how quick and easy it is to undertake a mouth care assessment.

Sarah was involved in a health promotion called Oral Cancer Awareness in November 2016, and will be raising the importance of mouth care across adults and children in her upcoming health promotion Smile Month in May/June 2017, along with a Dry Mouth Awareness Day.

Sarah is available to answer any questions you may have regarding Mouth Care via email: s.haslam@nhs.net.