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Lean Thinking & Transformation Programme

Lean Thinking & Transformation Programme

Lean Thinking

On 21st March, the second day of Cohort 3 Lean Thinking & Transformation Programme was held.  Staff showcased their lean projects to their colleagues, and the Executives who came along to hear the presentations. The Executives were very impressed with the hard work staff had put into their projects and what innovations the staff were thinking of to help save time, money and improve their working environment. 

The projects covered, paper wastage, office tidy, referral processes to name just a few. Staff heard how Cedar Ward’s Ward Manager, Marie Penny had been able to help save time, by giving the band 6 nurses on the ward a daily responsibility list to complete. This enabled staff to remember what needed to be checked on a daily basis and to ensure nothing was missed. It also gave time back to the ward manager who could then focus on other areas on the ward and managerial duties.


Anne O’Callaghan, Macmillan Psychosocial Social Worker in Cancer Services showcased how she was able to change the referral pathway of when patients were able to see her. It started out that they would see Anne during their treatment journey, which meant not all of the patients’ needs were being met. Once the referral process was changed, patients were able to have their needs met emotionally, practically, and spiritually at the start of their journey and then triaged according to their needs. This increased patient intervention through effective and efficient practice, gave patients confidence and self-esteem, and early intervention prevented crisis management and unnecessary hospital admission - improving the patient experience and satisfaction.


Totalling all the projects together, staff were able to save over £65K in time and money.