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Morning at the Flicks

Morning at the Flicks

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This morning, after all the patient washes were completed Ebony Ward, which cares for older people turned one of their bays into “a morning at the flicks”. The curtains were drawn, chairs and beds moved into place and the large screen television switched on. Today’s movie was the Frank Sinatra Show which was being enjoyed by all the male patients; one of their other favourites is Only Fools and Horses. Several of the patients in this bay are suffering from delirium which is a state of mental confusion which can occur as a result of illness, surgery or with the use of some medications. Delirium usually starts suddenly and can be frightening for the person experiencing it, as well as for those around them. Having a distraction which is calming and invokes memory is very important to these patients, especially if the bay can be given a homely feel too.

Denise Hylton-McIntosh, Senior Sister said “not only does this entertain the patients; it is good for stimulation and interaction. Patients with delirium can wonder, which can lead to falls, so entertaining them and making them laugh is just so good for them and lovely for staff to witness."

Delirium is fairly common among hospitalised patients, with around 1 in 10 having a period of delirium. Delirium is more common among older people, those with memory problems, in cases of dementia, after surgery, after brain injury and in those with poor hearing or vision.