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English Youth Ballet

English Youth Ballet


The English Youth Ballet, currently fundraising for Willow Ward - Children's Play Team at DVH took time out of their busy schedule to come to the children’s ward to hold a ballet workshop. Five talented ballet dancers aged 12 to 19 who are currently rehearsing for Sleeping Beauty at the The Orchard Theatre demonstrated how they warmed up prior to dancing and explained the terminology behind each movement. Zuzia Kurzepa aged 12 then showed the audience how a ballerina gets her feet prepared to wear pointe shoes. Pointe is a technique in which a ballet dancer supports all of her body weight on her tiptoes. After Zuzia memorized the crown with a display on tiptoes, all of the other ballerinas wearing their Sleeping Beauty costumes entertained the audience with a scene from the show.

The ballerinas are currently on day 3 of their rehearsal for their next production. They have just 5 day to learn the whole show and then 5 days to refine it. They all said how very much they are looking forward to dancing at the Orchard Theatre and for all of them this is the first time they have performed Sleeping Beauty.

Our thanks to Zuzia Kurzepa, Megan Bannister, Esme Bacalla-Hayes, Charlotte Timbers, Sofia Pollini and Julianne Ric-Oxley for coming along to Willow Ward.

If you would like to see them perform further details can be found here: https://orchardtheatre.co.uk/…/tickets-english-youth-ballet…