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Dr Ayanda, Speciality Registrar PTMM Winner

Dr Ayanda PTMM Winner

Paediatric Team Member of the Month (PTMM)

Congratulations Dr Ayanda, Speciality Registrar on being awarded Paediatric Team Member of the Month (PTMM). She was nominated for her efforts in ensuring patient safety and going above and beyond her apportioned duties. She was described as a "task finisher", an important trait in a young medical professional. Of course such a recognition will stand out on her CV and will hopefully nurture her work ethos as well. The sky is the limit from there on!

The PTMM is an initiative aimed at recognising, praising and encouraging junior doctors in their efforts and contributions towards good patient care. Junior doctors are rarely in the limelight for their huge contribution to the NHS. They are often the unsung and unrecognised heroes who on a daily basis put themselves forward to help others, support the ward rounds, ensure discharges, gain that difficult IV access and successfully lead acute resuscitations. All these, while balancing life, family and social commitments.

There are few local or national platforms to celebrate their achievements, good personal attributes and professional excellence. Here in the Paediatric Department at Darent Valley Hospital, we are recognising this with our PTMM Awards. Their aim is not only to recognise, but also to nurture, these amazing young, professional talents.

The PTMM Awards initiative began in December 2016. Dr Ude, a Paediatric Consultant who was recently appointed under the new DGT and GSTT Vanguard Programme, put forward the idea as she recognised the need to maintain the great team spirit, show appreciation for work well done and boost overall team performance. The idea was immediately embraced by the Paediatric Clinical Director, Dr Gupta and enthusiastically backed up by the consultant team.

The nominations remain open all year round and are received, reviewed and validated. It is important that nominators put forward a reason for their nomination and this has to be supported by other members of the team including our nursing and administration staff.